Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Hey hey hey, its P-day!

This weeks been stellar. I had the pleasure on Sunday to baptize three more members of the Sanchez Family. God did an amazing work with them. I love to be with them and feel the love they have for us. Almost all the family are members now, just 1 left to go :)  The Sanchez family amaze me with their conversion. We are going to the temple today to do baptisms for the dead for their ancestors. Its gonna be glorious. Uniting families forever is essential in the plan of God.

On other notes, Elder Decker had his birthday yesterday. He´s 21 now, so we went to a nice Peruvian restaurant. The food was amazing, but we almost all got sick afterwards haha! It was a fun time. 

My friend from the last email is doing a lot better. He´s happy, smiling, and it looks like all the prayers have worked. He thanked me a lot for my help and said he would come visit me in California one day. I'm just happy that he´s doing well.

The Mission is not about what you want. It’s about what God wants. You can serve for the honors of men or the honors of God. If you give yourself to him and are obedient, you will please Him. That's what he wants. Total surrender of our will so that he can change us. I love being a missionary. I´ve never been so blessed. I´ve never had so much peace. I´ve never seen the influence of God so much in my life. I know that Christ lives, and others need to know it.

Love you all! Till next week!

Elder Pomar 

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