Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile

Monday, May 9, 2016

We got to Skype with him today on Mother's Day Eve. It was awesome to see him and hear his voice. The best part was to see how truly happy he is! 

Here is a picture of us waiting for Caleb to call us on Skype:

Here is our last Skype Family Picture since Caleb comes home this August! :)

So President confirmed me the other day something sad, but at the same time relieving: I’m gonna have special changes on Monday. He´s taking me out so I can spend my last 2 transfers out in the field. I don´t know where I will go, but I’ll find out tomorrow. Its really bittersweet because on one hand, I happy to leave the stress of the office, but I´m sad to leave the ward and my sector. This sector has been a sector of miracles. I´ve never seen so many prepared people just show up out of nowhere. Today we have 2 people who will be baptized, friends of the Sanchez family. The 10-year-old boy is incredible. He shows an understanding of the gospel that exceeds that of many adult members. it was thanks to his testimony that his grandmother finally softened up and decided to join. He wants to be a missionary when he gets older, and I know that he will be an incredible instrument in the hands of the Lord. Its incredible what children can teach us on a daily basis.

My last week in the office was very eventful. I had to wake up at 2am to take a sister to the airport, the whole office got repainted while we were working, we had an adventure trying to rescue a few letters before they got sent from the post office, with an endless supply of twists and turns. And it all topped off that today, president gave us permission to go to downtown Santiago to go shopping for p-day. we went to a place that is a carbon copy of the LA garment district for those of you who know it. I scored on a few jerseys from Colo Colo, a local Chilean team.

Well, that’s about it. or at least its all my brain capacity lets me remember. I´ve come to the conclusion that the word "rest" does not exist in missionary vocab. but it’s alright!! Lets just keep on working. See you guys later!


Elder Pomar

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