Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile

Monday, April 27, 2015

Hey-o de la estaca San Antonio!

Things have been going great here in El Quisco! This sector is like an endless work buffet. Knock yourself out with the best you can do, and you still have leftovers haha! 

Here are a few of the miracles we´ve seen:

1) We went on a whim to visit a less active member who lives really far from us, and we were met with an unexpected surprise: Hey guys! Do you want to come in? A little shocked, we entered his house and after a few minutes he told us something that rocked our world: "When the missionaries knocked my door the first time, I had prayed that God would help me get through my trials just two hours before. This week, after having felt really bad for not going to church for a long time, you guys show up as if to confirm my decision to go. You always arrive just when I need you!" We were dumbfounded. I am happy to say that Luis went to church yesterday for the first time in 6 months. 

2) The family two doors down from us have turned into a pure gold mine!!! The 3 members of the family accepted a baptismal date for the 16th and have a disposition so open that I have never seen in my 8 months on the mission. To think that so many missionaries passed by them for so many months, and no one thought to ask them if they would let us talk to them!

3) The ward I’m serving in is getting a lot better. The leaders are excited, are passing us references of people to visit, and want to help us have success!

It’s amazing to see the daily miracles of the mission. You just have to go out and get them! Love you all!!

Elder Pomar

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hey Everyone!!!

I did it! I did it! I did it! (Well I didn't do anything, its really all Gods work) but after waiting almost 8 months (whoa, that's a scary thought) I finally helped someone get baptized!  It was such an incredible experience.  I got to do the ordinance, and after doing it, I felt a deep peace.  It wasn't like a whole pyrotechnic show, but I felt true peace.  I'm so glad that we were able to help her along the path.  She was really really happy, and her family was beaming.  Her Aunt is a less active member and the rest of the family are investigators in the making, so we know where were going next haha!

What else happened this week?  It’s all such a blur.  It’s like one continuous day with a lot of extended naps in between.

Yes! I remember now! .... No I don't.  Ah man! Next week I'm going to be better about making notes about what I'm going to write in my emails.

Sacrifice Brings the Blessings of Heaven!  Thank you all for your efforts to spread the love of our Heavenly Father.  God bless you all!


Elder Pomar :)

Monday, April 13, 2015

Buenas everybody!!

Sorry for the mishap last week! These past two week have been choc full of little goodies! So for transfers, I stayed here in El Quisco, but with a twist: They took out the other two missionaries in the ward and now Elder Araya and I are in charge of the whole ward. 32 kilometers from end to end, and we have no idea where it reaches inland. In this whole week, we´ve gone to the other sector 1 day. I don’t know how to do it, but lets go! Adventures without end!! 

One of the miracles I’ve seen since being here is an investigator named Sandy. At first we were teaching her aunt and her friend, when out of nowhere she showed up. It was hard getting her to read and complete the commitments we left with her, but I’m glad to say that she has accepted the baptismal invitation and will be baptized next Sunday!! She is soooo excited and really prepared. She will be my first baptism in my whole mission. I’ve waited 7 months for this, and the blessings came. 

I also hit another milestone the other day when I finished the Book of Mormon the other day! That was my 3rd time reading it here, and boy does it never get old. I love studying the scriptures! Since I’ve been out here my outlook has changed completely. For those of you who are wondering, when Alma says 

"for it beginneth to enlarge my soul; yea, it beginneth to enlighten my understanding, yea, it beginneth to be delicious to me." (Alma 32:28)

It really is true. Keep going till you can get to that point. It’s one of the sweetest experiences ever. It’s not easy, but its definitely worth it. 

So General Conference! I hope you all watched it. If you didn’t see Elder Holland talks, do yourself a favor and check it out at 
The man is amazing. I hope I can reach half the power he has when he teaches. 

Miracles exist. You just have to go out and look for them! God knows what he is doing, and when we put our life in his hands, he will make more of us than we could ever make of ourselves.

Love you all and keep going strong!

Elder Pomar :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Hey guys!

Thanks for all the birthday messages! I probably should’ve taken a picture or something because It took a really long time to read them all haha. So you know, I’m staying here in El Quisco for the next 6 weeks!! And the ward is now one sector. If I thought my sector was big then, it’s literally infinite now. I’m in good spirits, and ready to work hard. Thanks for all the support you guys give me!! Love you all!!

Elder Pomar :)