Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile

Sunday, February 28, 2016

God has blessed us a lot and has given us a lot of trials as well. It’s all right, as they help keep us humble. The thing I’ve learned is that God takes things at our pace. When we are ready to receive his counsels. He waits until we take off the blinders of pride, perfectionism and rationalization to help us grow. That’s why God loves us. He just waits till the perfect time

We have a lot of People progressing, coming out of the woodwork. Baptisms and confirmations have fallen through, but it’s in the hard times that God can mold us.

Sorry for the short note! Just know that I’m alive and well, having a blast in Chile


Elder Pomar

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Yeah, so here’s what happened this week:

I got to visit my family last Saturday! It was such great experience. we ate charquican and I got to share a little bit about the gospel with everyone. And what’s great, they accepted the invitation to listen to the missionary discussions!!! God knows exactly where to put us. It’s amazing how He sent me here, out of all the other missions that he could have sent me to. I have a lot of hope for my family. I invited them to baptism, and almost all said that if they felt the need, they would do it! The only one I didn’t meet was my cousin Santiago. I’ve heard he likes to play basketball (Golden State Warriors fan at that!) and we´re gonna invite him to play with us and the assistants on a pday.

Jocelyn got baptized!! Woooo! There was a lot of problems with the baptismal font so at the end we had to fill it with cold water from the fire hose haha! President Barreiros attended the baptism, and it was a really special experience. 

Other cool things... Well we went with the whole Barreiros family to do their visa process. We spent a lot of time in the government buildings talking with haitians (there are a lot in Chile) and learning Criolle. It was a blast! We found out that James, Presidents son, is going to UVU in the fall, so we{ll be seeing each other a lot! Then president took us to a really nice restaurant and payed lunch for us. Ohhhhhhh, it was sooooooooooooo goood!!!! President and Sister Barreiros really are amazing human beings.

We have been seeing the windows of heaven just opening up and pouring down a waterfall of blessings on me and elder martins. He finishes his mission in 2 weeks, but that doesn’t stop him. We´ve been working harder than we ever have before. One of our missionary friends told us something before he left that really impacted  us:

"You´ve gotta work until the very end, cause that´s when the miracles start to happen" 

And we are seeing it. We have an amazing family of 5, the Sanchez family, who are going to attend church tomorrow. The daughter has a baptismal date for the 5 de marzo, and we are sure that the rest of the family will be baptized with her.

Thanks for all your support. Keep working it the work of the Lord. Be obedient with Exactness, read the scriptures (especially the Book of Mormon) and everything will go well.

Love you"

Elder pomar


Saturday, February 13, 2016

Just feel happy. There's no other word to describe it. Complete bliss. Is weird, you'd think that having to leave all the worldly things would be a burden, but its not. Because I feel the love of God and see his hand everyday.

I swear I’m gonna be workaholic when I get home. I’ve never worked so much in my life. I feel like an anxiety when I’m not talking with people and inviting them to live the gospel. The Natural man works hard, as well, but this mission is not to relax. It’s not to make friends. It’s not to waste time doing nothing. It’s not to get to know the world. It’s to invite all to come unto Christ. To be baptized. To make a covenant of obedience with the Father. Christ is coming soon and we have to work the vineyard before it’s burned

JOCELYN IS GETTING BAPTIZED!!!! We are sooo sooo happy. We’ve seen a change so big in her. she didn’t want anything with us when we started, and now all she wants is get in the water. God prepared her.

We received a miracle reference on Sunday. Evelyn is one of the most prepared people I have ever met. she will be baptized on March 5 and loves to tell everyone about it.

AND I GOT TO SEE MY GRANDMA! I’m going to visit my non-member family today. Pray that their hearts will be softened to receive the restored gospel. I want to see all of them in white

Love you all!
Elder Pomar

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Hey!!!!! Super quick overview!

I had to wake up at 3:30am to take a missionary to the airport on Monday! woooo hooo!
God has blessed us with sooo many miracles. Beautiful families that are hearing the restored gospel. If every thing goes well, 2 pairs will get married and baptized this transfer!.
I’ve had to go downtown almost every day this week for visa papers. One day we had to wait 4 hours in line haha! Out of nowhere a guy showed up and started asking me ridiculous deep doctrinal questions. Turns out that he is a theologist! Lots of fun!

I’ve committed myself to get swole in these last months of my mission. I’m gonna buy a huge ol thing of protein and do crossfit bodyweight exercises! Well see how it goes.....



Elder Pomar