Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile

Monday, November 30, 2015


Hey guys! Its sooo nice to talk to you. Yeah, I finally have time to write a nice sized email. WOOOOOO!!!

So if I could ask you guys a favor, I'd love it. all the pics on my sd card got corrupted by a bad usb port. The file is still there, so I have my new member friend Carlos (computer engineer) working on it. PLEASE PRAY THAT I HE CAN RECOVER MY PHOTOS!!! I have pics from 6 months and onward on that card, so it’s really important to me. 

But on to the miracles! FERNANDA SE BAUTIZA!!!!!! This Saturday at 1 will be the baptism, so we´re are so exited. She asked me to baptize her, so it will be a very special event. Pray so that every goes well! She is a straight up miracle. We did nothing special with her, God just prepared her!

Some funny stuff:
We are like movie stars here in Chile. The gangstas around here are called Flightes, and every time they see us they shout a special phrase. The other day we were walking and there were a few on a garbage truck and from behind us we heard the driver honk his horn and the others said "BUENA BUENA CABRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" hahahahahaha we just died laughing. Its sooo funny in person

I was walking without glasses and in the distance I see two missionaries in our sector. I was confused, thinking who would it be. As I got closer I realized they weren’t missionaries, but Jehovah Witnesses that were STRAIGHT UP TWINS OF US MORMON MISSIONARIES! They looked just like us. I thought it was funny. well....

God blessed us a lot this week. We had 4 of our investigators attending church the other day. Orlando is still holding off, but is progressing. We have another one named Thor (Yeah, like the marvel god) who is tight!! He does crazy martial arts stuff and he reads the book of Mormon every day. Hes gonna get baptized. I just know it

The other cool thing is... WE FOUND A LAMANITE TO TEACH!!! Hey, I don’t want you all to think I’m being racist, but for the first time I’m teaching someone who is completely immersed in the culture of the native Mapuche Indians. We talked about the book of Mormon being written by his ancestors, and he got hooked! Well see how it goes

I cannot reiterate how much the mission has changed me. My life, my vision, my perspective, my goals, my being. I feel like a new person. Stronger. more diligent, more persistent, and hungrier to learn the gospel. I love studying the scriptures now! Its sooooo interesting. I’ve even thought about being a seminary teacher when I get back cause I love it soooo much. Well see. I still have a LONG time till I have to worry about that haha! 

I know this gospel is true. The only way to salvation is Jesus Christ. Coming to Christ isn’t passive. It’s not just "a good feeling" as my president says. The only way to come unto him is making special promises or covenants with him like baptism, taking the sacrament, going to the temple, etc. It’s the only way. The next time you go to church really MAKE a covenant with him. It will change your life. Love you all!!!

Elder Pomar

PS the computer doesn’t read my camera and my card reader is with Carlos. Sorry! Next week for sure :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


The computer just erased all my pictures ;( 
I’m gonna see if I can recover them

Anyways, The whole trying to fix my camera thing ate up a bunch of time, so I have like 4 minutes! Woo hoo!

We´ve got a miracle baptism date!!!! Fernanda is gonna get baptized next week!! Her mom and dad are less active members who stopped going to church because of work and moved to the ward without transferring their records. We had found them the other day tracting, and they said that they wanted their daughter to go to church. So she went, and she loved it!! I’ve never seen so much member missionary cooperation like with Fernanda. God has blessed us sooooo much.

Yeah, my time ran out. Sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  See you

Elder Pomar

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I’m gonna try and type at the speed of light. We´ll see how much it works ;)
A lot of cool experiences here in Maipu! The mission changes your life so much. You’re not the same person in a much better way. I’ve never loved to study the scriptures so much. I’ve never had a better work ethic. Id never dreamed about being able to speak Portuguese, and now I can. God has blessed me sooooooooooooo much!

Here are some miracles:
Orlando. Remember the miracle reference? We met his wife yesterday. Orlando had told us that his wife had been baptized Mormon, but had changed to the Catholic Church. I was afraid thinking that she was gonna be all threating with us, but it was completely the opposite. at the end of the visit she literally told her husband: But just get baptized already! Then you can get married with me for the eternities!

I was dumbstruck! They are going to church this week!

and that’s all I get to say today. Love you all! have fun! Stay safe

Elder Pomar ;)

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

HEY HEY HEY my fine feathered friends! 

Here we are another day in Santiago de Chile. The weather is wacky. The Chileans are chatty, and IM NOT GETTING TRANSFERED!!!! WOOOOOOO!!!
That´ll make 7 and half months in Nueva San Martin. I’m ready for the challenge!

One of the superpowers that you get as a missionary is what I like to call "repel." The people see us coming and when we come by they get all scared like "NO!! THE MORMONS!!!" I crack up every time!  Elder Ferreira and I want to start a business. If a dates not going too well, or your mother in law is raking you over the coals on your front porch, call the missionaries! We will help! Guaranteed that they will run away haha! I love this super power!

This was straight up a blessing from all the prayers you guys have been offering. I want to give a public shout out to my cousin Xander for being so brave as to fast 2 whole meals for me when he only has 8 years old. Ya know how you fasted so that I would get referrals? we got the tripple whopper with cheese of one yesterday.

Orlando is a man who met the missionaries in Australia. After meeting with 3 months with the missionaries and going to church, he fell in love with it. He had to make an emergency move to Chile 3 months ago, and after feeling a bit empty, he saw two missionaries in the market. HE went up to them and said: I was preparing to be baptized and I want the missionaries to pass by my house again." I was dumbfounded. He doesn’t want to get baptized right away, but I’ve never seen an investigator with such real intent. I feel more than blessed. God is sooo merciful with us!

Love you guys!

Elder Pomar