Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

HEY HEY HEY my fine feathered friends! 

Here we are another day in Santiago de Chile. The weather is wacky. The Chileans are chatty, and IM NOT GETTING TRANSFERED!!!! WOOOOOOO!!!
That´ll make 7 and half months in Nueva San Martin. I’m ready for the challenge!

One of the superpowers that you get as a missionary is what I like to call "repel." The people see us coming and when we come by they get all scared like "NO!! THE MORMONS!!!" I crack up every time!  Elder Ferreira and I want to start a business. If a dates not going too well, or your mother in law is raking you over the coals on your front porch, call the missionaries! We will help! Guaranteed that they will run away haha! I love this super power!

This was straight up a blessing from all the prayers you guys have been offering. I want to give a public shout out to my cousin Xander for being so brave as to fast 2 whole meals for me when he only has 8 years old. Ya know how you fasted so that I would get referrals? we got the tripple whopper with cheese of one yesterday.

Orlando is a man who met the missionaries in Australia. After meeting with 3 months with the missionaries and going to church, he fell in love with it. He had to make an emergency move to Chile 3 months ago, and after feeling a bit empty, he saw two missionaries in the market. HE went up to them and said: I was preparing to be baptized and I want the missionaries to pass by my house again." I was dumbfounded. He doesn’t want to get baptized right away, but I’ve never seen an investigator with such real intent. I feel more than blessed. God is sooo merciful with us!

Love you guys!

Elder Pomar

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