Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Here we are at the conclusion of another thrilling week of the Chile Santiago Best mission. With highs and lows, and leaps and falls, and balling up the whole zone of Olimpo. Yeah, it’s pretty great here. ;)

I can basically speak Portuguese now! Its really funny cause sometimes I’m talking with Elder Ferreira and when I go to speak to someone else I forget to speak Spanish. I don’t happen often, but it’s really funny when it does. We always heckle each other when one of us unconsciously begins to "Portuñol" 

This week has been a week of a lot of growth opportunities. I’m learning a lot more how to love and take care of the missionaries under my charge. We’ve had various challenges we´ve had to fix with health, but our spirit is still unbreakable. I really admire the faith of the missionaries I serve. 

Here are a few miracles:

The other day I was taking money out of the atm with the mission prepaid card, and I made a rookie mistake. But not just any rookie mistake, THE rookie mistake. I took my money and left the card placed in the machine. I got back home, and realized it. I started freaking out, when the secretaries called me: " Elder Pomar, you must be really blessed, because we just saw something that never happens. A lady came to the office and told us 'one of your mormons forgot their card in the atm.' and gave us your card. Come pick it up at the office next preparation day"

That was a straight up miracle. We had been working hard that week, but we hadn’t seen the results we wanted. Blessings for obedience are much more diverse than new investigators and baptisms

Last Monday, President challenged us to find one new investigator before lunch. We talked with everyone, but no one let us in. When the hour came, we went to look for our lunch and the house of a Sister to eat lunch back at our house. Then I got a crazy Idea: were not gonna eat lunch until we enter a house. So we started tracting with lunch in hand. We knocked a door that we had knocked 10 times before, and out came a young man. He saw me and said "hey! you remember me?" Turns out that it was a guy that I had contacted over A YEAR AGO in Los Libertadores. He moved here a few months ago. He let us in and we taught him and his mom. God gave us a miracle! It all begins with the exercise of faith.

Love you all! Keep going! Keep the commandments, have charity, and read the book of mormon

Elder Pomar

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