Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hey My Friends!!

AGH!!!! None of these computers read my camera!!!! I’m gonna try something different. I’m gonna buy a SD card reader and try and bypass the lack of software. Hopefully that will work. Sorry for the lack of pictures :(

Anyways, todays been a good day! I had laid off the sports for a while to try and let my knee get a little better. 3 months straight with no soccer. I was so sad, but now I’m back in action! We also played basketball. That was the first time in a year that I’ve played basketball with missionaries, but I was still getting buckets!!

Now the most important thing, I love the mission!  You honestly make such great friends here! I love my ward. My ward mission leader, my bishop, and Danny are some of my best friends here in Chile. I love these guys! It’s been such a pleasure working in Nueva San Martin. It’s a great place to be. I feel like Alma sometimes. In Ammonihah there were times when no one accepted him, but in spite of everything he found 1 soul (Amulek) that converted in one of his best friends and loyalist mission companions. Everything is worth it.

I love feeling the spirit. You feel it so much in the mission if you let it into your life. I love the feeling of teaching a lesson and just feeling a wave of calm come over me. It’s incredible. I’ve learned really well that you just gotta get out of the way! 

They had the groundbreaking ceremony for the Concepcion Chile temple the other day! We got to watch it and it was really neat! Were so happy for the members in the south that they will finally have a temple. It’s a miracle!

I want to give my solemn witness that this is the work of the Lord. God is hastening his work. Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, the Holy Messiah, our Savior, Lord and King. It is only through him that we can experience the peace, happiness, purpose and understanding that we need in this life. The only way we can let him into our lives is by making sacred covenants with him by his holy priesthood, the first of which is baptism. Draw near unto him, and he will draw near unto you.

Love you!

Elder Pomar

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