Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hey hey hey everyone!!! 

Here’s your friendly neighborhood half Chilean missionary reporting in! This week has been filled with nothing but hard work. But then again, is anything less expected? I’ve taken really seriously the role of trainer so I’m trying to be the best example I can be. 

In Preach My Gospel, the guide that we have as missionaries, it says that we should talk with everyone, and so we literally talk with EVERYONE. It’s a lot of fun! And when the people don’t want to talk we just say, "have a nice day!" It’s really funny to see the reactions of the people. Some are really nice, others look scared, others look suspicious at us. Yesterday we were knocking on a door and while the man opened the door he looked at us for one second and said "OH NO!!!" and closed the door as fast as he had opened it. Elder Ferreira and I burst out laughing! The mission is always a lot better when you look on the bright side.

We have one investigator that is going to be baptized on the 12th!!! Her name is Magali. She’s an older lady who we found knocking doors. She told us that all her life she had listened to just about every religion, but not ours! She went to church and she loved it! We're going to try and start teaching the rest of her family as well.

The other day I had to go to another sector that was more affluent, just for the day. It was just like the United States. I honestly felt uncomfortable with all the space that there was. I was really happy to get back to my compact area. I love it here soooooo much!!! 

I know that this is the work of the Lord. If it were not, I wouldn’t been giving of my time to spread it. May God bless you all, and sorry for the short email. You all are the best!! 

Love you all!

Elder Pomar

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