Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Hey Everyone,

Below is Caleb's awesome e-mail, but I also wanted to share a very sweet e-mail that I received today from one of Caleb's missionary companions, Elder Araya. I wrote to him in broken Spanish thanking him and he wrote me back this e-mail in his broken English. I didn't correct a word of it! It's too precious. :)

Thanks, sister Pomar! Well, i can't write you with perfect English, but i will try like you do :D
Elder Pomar was one of my best companions. He was always happy with a BIG, BIG SMILE, always. That helps me to be always hopeful and to work with all my strength. When I’ve received your son, he hasn't baptized yet, so all my efforts were to baptize with him. We did it, and I’m so happy because of that. He is a great missionary, he deserves more than what he has received. You have a great servant of the Lord. And I’m proud for the opportunity to serve with him.

Love u, Pomar Family!

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