Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


I was sooooo happy for Elder Ferreira. His first baptism. Im so proud of him! He´s been a great companion. Here in the mission, we call the missionary that we are training "son." I’m very happy to be his "father" in the mission. For those of you who are preparing too serve a mission, the greatest experience you could ever have is train a new missionary. All the greenie power in the world!

So transfers came and went, and I´ll be here for six more weeks in Nueva San Martin. That’ll rack up 6 months in this sector, but I’ve honestly felt as if it were 6 weeks with how fast the time has flown. Here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Lord dumbfounds me over and over and over again with the blessings he gives us. I honestly feel unworthy to have been given so much. You just have to pay the blessings back with hard work and obedience! Here are some of the miracles that we have:

Angel and Blanca: They are so prepared. Blanca went to the baptism of Magali and cant wait for her baptism this Saturday. We finished all the lessons with her on Sunday, and she has her interview Wednesday. Please pray for her and Angel so everything goes through!!! We are so happy to have them with us in our family. 

The Muñoz Family: We found them contacting one day and we discovered by accident that the father, Gabriel, was baptized with his family along time ago, but his name wasn’t on the records. We entered in the house, and within 5 minutes they told us that they were protestants and that they didn’t want anything to do with us and that they didn’t have time, so they kicked us out. That was about 3 months ago with Elder Allen. The other day with Elder Ferreira, we ran into the son, who then told us something that made our jaw drop: Hey, we really miss you guys not coming! We read the brochure you left and we loved it! When can you come by again? SO OF COURSE WE WENT BACK!!! We taught them the restoration yesterday and it was ridiculous. Halfway through the lesson, Gabriel basically took over and taught the entire lesson to his son Joe (who isn’t a member) and started talking about how when he was baptized he felt soooo l much peace and how of course what we were saying should be true. Startled, We invited Joe to baptism, and he accepted! They just have to talk with the Mom to make sure everything is good. And she’s not a member either..... FOREVER FAMILY!!! PS: Gabriel is a total sneakerhead. He collects Jordans!

The Badilla Family: We had found a family the other day, but they didn’t show too much signs of promise at first. God was gonna prove us wrong. We went to the house, and there was complete racket and people running from here to there and when we finally calmed everyone down and said a prayer, we nervously started the lesson. We taught the restoration, and I promise you that I have never had such a powerful lesson. All four accepted to be baptized on the 10th of October and are going to attend church.


Elder Pomar

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