Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Hey Hey Hey, Its Pday! 

This week has been absolutely incredible. If it weren’t for time, I´d write EVERYTHING, because it’s been crazy. We taught over 30 investigators and recent converts this week, 14 of them for the first time. I’ve been absolutely astonished with the blessings that God has been literally pouring out on us. We have sooo many good things going in this ward!!!

We have 3 investigators with Baptismal dates: Magali for the 19th of September and Blanca with her son Angel for the 26th of September. They are all miracles of the Lord. Magali tells us in every lesson "This is the first time I’ve listened to you Mormons, and I absolutely love it!!" Angel and Blanca have such wonderful dispositions. Angel has15 years but is an incredible kid. So open. So honest! And we have other investigator named Cristofer who is a machine. He only has 15 years as well, but in one week he read all of 1 Nephi. I’m so impressed! He just wants to find the truth. But you have to here the greatest part: None of his Family are members, but they ALL read the Book of Mormon, together at times! Missionaries had passed in 2008, but they lost contact. The Lord has absolutely prepared them!

Yesterday It was raining sooooooooooooooo hard. I’ve never seen so much water coming down in all my mission. We got completely soaked haha! Looks like winter got a little behind here. It’s really cold right now! But not colder than those mornings in Murrieta when I had to got to seminary haha! 

Elder Ferriera is such a good guy. He respects everything I tell him and he really wants to learn and be the best missionary he can be. We´re speaking Portuguese every day and I love it! I’m so blessed by the Lord. Without him, I could do nothing.

Love you all!

Elder Pomar 

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