Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Cause I've been traveling "mas que ocho" as they say in good chilean. Since I've gotten here, I've done 3 divisions, 1 in Cartagena and 2 in El Quisco (my former sector). I've worked more in El Quisco than in my own sector here in San Antonio haha!! I´m so convinced that God is so incredibly intelligent and so organized that he just gives us incredible opportunities in the most needed moment.

Well, to tell you about San Antonio, there are ALOT of hills. San Antonio is basically a huge bowl with the port in the middle. I`ve got a half of the bowl as my sector. It is so dang huge, oh my gosh. So many people live in my sector. It is a missionary`s paradise. I love it here sooooo much. I honestly think its the best sector in the whole mission. On the coast, tons of people, lots of flaite apartment blocks, suspension bridges, green vegetation... What else could I ask for? God has been blessing us a lot and we have an investigator that will be baptized this weekend. She is so unbelievable. God prepared her so well. We didn't have to do anything practically, just invite! I look forward to working this sector very well.

But the biggest miracles were in divisions. El Quisco was in a rough spot. The missionaries are practically in whitewash and one of the missionaries is a new Elder who is really good, just that its really hard for him to learn spanish. During more than a year since Ive been gone, various members of the church for different reasons had gone inactive, and no missionary knew them since the sector is so big and the members live so far away. The poor elders who are here were so lost when they got here. They needed a lot of help and orientation. I know that God put me here to be able to help them. In 3 days that I was in divisions with them, I connected them with 3 less active families who were more than willing to help (and they have cars, which is a big deal for the elders). I got to visit 3 convert families that had fallen away since I had left. With the Lopez family, I had a very spiritual experience. Our visit to them was a sign that Heavenly Father remembered and loved them for that family. Sandy, the first person I baptized, had not let the missionaries come in in over a year, and obviously had weakened in her faith. While I was there, I invited her to start everything over and begin praying, reading the book of mormon, and going to church, and she accepted! I pray that she will keep on the path. Gustavo Ibarra, an investigator who was baptized 2 weeks after I had left, also let the missionaries in for the first time in months. After talking with him, he promised to go to church again and begin to accompany the missionaries on visits. His mother is so sweet, I just know she will be baptized.

A lot more has happened, but this is what I can write for now. Love you all and see you next week!!!


Elder Pomar :)

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