Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Its official! Im the last of my MTC group. All will be back in their homes by tomorrow night or friday morning. I am the last of my kind, the last airbender, the John of the primitive apostles, the Moroni of the Lehi 249 MTC group haha!! But as Christ said in the new testament, let the dead bury their dead. Im so pumped for these future weeks! 

And President Barrieros struck again. We showed up to the last mission meeting all expecting to be nurtured by his testimony and all when out of nowhere he stands up and says "I love the time of Brigham Young as a missionary, thats why I have some surprise Brigham Young changes for certain missionaries!! You will have 1 day to pack, and on Wednesday you will head off to your next sector. Elder Pomar, you have transfers to San Antonio as Zone Leader!"

Me and Elder Weaver were dumbstruck. It was so out of the blue that I didnt know what to say. I had been so little time in Primo de Rivera, I was sure that it would be my last sector. But at the same time, I was sooooo happy. Its always been my dream finish my mission in San Antonio, and God knew my heart! Im gonna be with my 4th brazilian companion, Elder Moura and another missionary from Costa Rica called Elder Montero. Ill be able to do divisions in El Quisco where I served over a year ago, and in Cartagena to visit my non member uncle. There are so many special reasons why I know that this change is divinely inspired. Im gonna have to take a bus to San Antonio in the next few hours, so here we go to new adventures!! 

President gave us 1hr 30 min to write our families today, so finally I´ll be able to go more in depth about my week and mission. Here we go:

My last sector, Primo de Rivera, was so much fun. Elder Weaver and I got along real well. Every morning we just got up, studied and went to work, talking with everyone in the streets. The chileans are so funny. Many of them do not believe in God or have a very personalized concept of him, and so you know right away who wants to listen and who no. Ive learned to just laugh at rejection, something thats helped me alot. Some people just give the randomest excuses for why they cant listen, especially in the apartment blocks. We just talk and talk and knock doors until someone lets us in.  We found a lot of people that are so close to being baptized. 

And last thursday we had a fun time. It was the trunkiest day of my mission. It didnt phase me so much but everyone in my group practically keeled over. We went to the temple, received instructions as a missionary group to get married, and then went to President Barrieros´ house. We ate and talked about our plans for home and then President had Q and A session with all trunky questions, and then to finish it off we had to go the the airport to take a picture as a group with President Barrieros and his wife. and we all got to watch my friend Elder Farah go through the security checkpoint. Im used to it cause I had to do it hundreds of times as a secretary, but everyone else was groaning as they headed out the van haha! 

On Sunday we all had a reunion to say goodbye to our converts and member friends. Carlos and Daniela are gonna get sealed next month! Im so excited!!! other friends from Nueva San Martin came by as well. But the specialist thing that happened was that my uncle Jenaro Pomar came. We laughed and talked for while. Then I gave him an assignment: Read Moroni 10 and pray to know that this is the true church. I invited him to baptism, and he accepted with the condition that he felt from God his answer. I promised him that I would go to the south just to baptize him, and to this day, I am praying that this miracle can happen. My family has known about the church for more than 20 years. I humbly pray that now can be the moment when they come to the truth.

I love being a missionary. You never feel so special, with so much spiritual power. Its unreal. The more I realize that I am nothing, the more the Lord empowers me. I am an authorized ambassador of the Lord Jesus Christ with the mission to find, teach and baptize so that all may partake of the Lords saving grace. Pray for me these last weeks so that I might work with all my heart might mind and strenght. May God bless you all!!


Elder Pomar

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