Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile

Monday, July 11, 2016

It's hard to describe my feelings. I don't know why. I think it's cause I just need to take a long needed nap today haha! What I know is one thing:

God gives us according to our desires

I had always wanted to get to know my Chilean family, and God made it happen. Last Friday, I got to meet my great uncle Jorge and his wife Olga. It was incredible. With Presidents permission, I gave them both a big hug and a kiss and we got to know eachother after a long 20 year wait. They recieved me with a lot of love and to my surprise, they had a picture of my family on their dresser from when I was 14. We talked and ate a few sandwiches, and when I started to talk to them about the gospel, I realized how prepared my family was to recieve the gospel. When Olga was a young girl, the missionaries lived in her house. They shared with the missionaries, but when they moved, they lost contact. She had not had the missionaries knock her door in over 40 years. My Uncle Jorge had never recieved the missionaries in all his life. As we started to teach the restoration, they payed close attention. From all the nerves, I messed up a lot. It was one of the choppiest lessons Id ever had. I got all emotional and started to cry because I knew that for so long we had waited that my family would accept the gospel. I gave them a personalized Book of Mormon, and invited them to be baptized. Jorge was really open and willing. Olga as well, but she wanted to read and be more sure. I challenged them to read mosiah 3 and pray to know of its truthfulness.

Now, overtime I've had contact with my Chilean family, and Ive tried to teach them, I felt like I fumbled. Ive felt awkward in my teaching because of all the pressure, but Ive come to be comforted in knowing that God does this work. He didnt send me all the way here to Chile to fail. Even though I am weak he makes up the difference. I just pray that they, as well as my Uncle Jenaro, can come to know the joy I felt and enter into the waters of baptism. I just have to trust and work hard.

Sorry for the lack of pictures. The computer doesnt read my sd card :( Ill try and make some arrangements for next time.

I've been doing a ton of divisions all over the place. On saturday, I literally traveled the whole zone doing inspections of missionary pensions. Ive seen many many miracles. I know that these last 4 weeks can be the best weeks of my whole mission if I just work hard and endure to the end. In Cartagena, after talking with my uncle and aunt, we had to travel a large distance to the next appointment. When we got there, the person wasnt there. It was 8:45 and the pension was far away. We decide to knock 1 door, and we did. There was a man washing his car outside who let us in to bless his house. As we entered, we saw that he had a big family, and we had 6 people around the kitchen table listening to us. The man told us "Elders, Ive never let the missionaries in. I always made excuses saying that I was too busy, but for some reason I let you in this time. I just recovered from a grave illness and I know we need to get closer to God." As we shared, the spirit filled the room and they accepted everything, from praying to know the truth, to attending church, to being baptized on July 30th. It was I miracle. I know that God prepares people.

I know that Christ lives, and that he extends his arms to all. We have to accept him through baptism, because it is the only way to peace happiness and harmony. This is His Church and His Work. He called Joseph Smith to be a prophet, and He guides His church today. 

Love you all!

Elder Pomar

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