Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile

Monday, July 18, 2016

This week ended on a bang with the Baptism of Talhia. Her story is incredible. One day, Elder Montero and Elder Moura were in church during sacrament meeting when they looked over at one of our recent converts, Kathy. She started making signs and told the missionaries "my friend here at my side isn’t a member." The Elders went and talked to her afterward and when they mentioned baptism, Talhia said "Yeah, I heard you are going to have a baptismal service in a few weeks." Obviously a little stunned, my companions asked, "so then will you prepare to be baptized?" and she said yes! There was a ton of opposition. Last week her twin sons were hospitalized and we had to delay the baptismal service. But all went well and the baptism was a very spiritual experience.

The rest of the week was fun as always. We met a taxi driver who speaks really ghetto English and knows the whole story of the Book of Mormon. He started talking about Nephi and Laman and Moroni in such a funny way. Every once in a while he would drop an F bomb while he was narrating. I cracked myself up. The guy can't be baptized because he´s working on Sundays but he knows the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet, so AGUA NO MAS!!!!

There's been so much rain and wind lately. I’m so glad I kept my winter boots cause we’ve had to cross a ton of muddy hills. It’s a lot of fun. No Chilean can believe that we still do missionary work in these conditions, but it just adds variety.

I think the hardest thing that happened this week was a homecoming talk from a missionary in the ward. As he talked, just a huge wave of sadness came over me. I almost started crying at the thought, that I must do the same. I got out of the chapel cause I just couldn't listen anymore. I know I’m going to cry when that day comes. I'm scared to go back. But that's life. I just got to go forward with faith and not worry about what will come.

I know that Jesus Christ lives and that he is my Savior. He suffered every human pain and hurt so that He might understand us. Following him is the only way that we can find peace. So many people think that by following God in their own way makes them happy, but they can’t imagine the love and comfort that comes from following God in God´s way, having faith in Christ, repenting, being baptized in the true church of God, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end. After more than 1700 years of confusion, God restored his church through the Prophet Joseph Smith. I know that this is all true because I have prayed and felt by the holy spirit that it is true. To all of you who are not members of our church who read this email, I invite you to listen to the missionaries and see what causes so much joy for us. Do an experiment. Pray to God to know that what we share is true, and I know he will answer you. I know that my Redeemer lives. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Elder Pomar

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