Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile

Monday, July 25, 2016

I got to use my email time to write up some post mission goals and send them to the office, so I'm sorry that this email is going to be short. Next week I promise I will write more.

You just start to see how merciful God is with you. I think the most incredible thing is to see how God has given me all that I`ve asked for. There have been so many times in my mission where I ask something from God, and He gives it to me. So much so that I feel so very indebted to Him. It’s crazy to think about how God really has everyone before his eyes and how He is in the details of our lives. I really love Him, because He loved me first.

The miracle of the week:
On Sunday, we went to go look for an investigator who had a baptismal date for this Saturday. He had committed the day before to go, and he had to attend "si o si" if he was to be baptized on the 30th. We got to his house and no one opened the door. He didn't answer his phone. Sad and frustrated, we had 5 minutes to get back to the chapel before Sacrament meeting started. We caught a taxi and as we are going, I start to talk to the girl next to me. On a whim, I asked her "You wanna come to church with us?" and after repeated invitations on my part and my companions part, she accepted! The taxi let us off at the church building, and we entered the chapel right on time. She stayed for the whole sacrament meeting. Afterwards, she told us "Before, I was feeling really down, but after the meeting I feel a lot better". We invited her to baptism on August 6th, and she accepted!!! We`re going to visit her today. Blessings literally raining from the heavens! I've never had an experience like that before. God knows what he is doing. 

Love you all!!

Elder Pomar

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