Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Hey everyone! Its good to be with you again. I know that so many of you have been anxiously waiting for the next episode of THE OFFICE: SECRETARIES VS ASSISTANTS, so I wont keep you waiting :) 

It’s so awesome here. I’ve had such good experiences this week! Sunday we were going to go tracting, and we were having no luck. Out of nowhere, we see some one walking towards us in a white shirt and tie. It was Juan!!! Our best accompanier. He asked if he could go knock doors with us and he did! The first door we knocked opened, and the person inside started to talk with us. Turns out she and her family are immigrants from Peru. We asked if we could come in to say a prayer with her, and she consented. We invited her younger brother to participate as well. After the prayer and getting to know the two, we quickly realized that they didn’t understand much about God as we know him. all three of us began to testify of how loving our heavenly father is, and we introduced the topic  of baptism. After showing an illustration of the baptism of Christ, the spirit was palpable. SOOOOO strong!! We took a pause and we asked her and her brother: what do you feel. She thought for a moment, and said " a peace." We invited them to be baptized and they both readily accepted. Its soooo cool how God prepares people!

Now a funnier story: We went to the house of a less active member to see if they were there and they let us in. The grandmother and the grandson were present. The grandmother told us that her granddaughter wanted to talk to us, and that she was just in the bathroom. So we waited, and she came out. Her face was wet, as if she had washed it, and she sat down along side her family. She began to tell us how she was looking for a church that filled her since her last church disappointed her. We were excited, but right when we were about to begin teaching, the three that we were teaching started to quarrel. The grandmas like "you guys don’t show that you love me!" and the grandchildren are like "you don’t ever let us help you! You`re the stubborn one!" Then they start explaining to us their dramas and each member of the family begins to justify their selves to us all the mean while 40 minutes have passed and the face of nataly is still wet. Then she begins to justify herself and while she’s talking she starts to peel off a type of moisturizing beauty mask, and at that point I was dying of laughter within myself! We had no control over the lesson whatsoever. 

Well, those are some experiences from Chile. Hope you all are enjoying winter. See you all next time!!

Elder Pomar :) 

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