Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What’s up everyone!

Transfers came and went, and here I ended up! My sector is the most north of the mission on the coast, and borders with the mission Viña del Mar. It’s sooo beautiful here. Literally a different world than the city. We have forest, hills and beach. and the sector is HUGE. My new companion is Chilean!! His name is Elder Araya from Iquique. Were both super pumped to start this new transfer, and we have high goals. Now we just need the faith! (And the smarts to not crash on my new mountain bike haha!)

It’s been a little sad leaving my first sector. Los Libertadores, like all places had its challenges. I’ve grown a lot in my 6 months there, and I keep growing every day. I made a lot of friends there, and met some of the most amazing people, but like with everything, the only thing consistent is change. 

I’ve been really paying attention in my studies and in the conferences we’ve been having as a mission, and I’ve come to note 2 things: First, change yourself before you invite others to do the same. Its easy to get caught up in telling everyone what they have to do, but we must always ask us one of my favorite questions in the scriptures:

"Lord, is it I?" (Matt. 26:22)

I know that as we always strive to correct ourselves first, then we will be able to teach others in the most powerful way possible: The Example.

The second thing is that the only thing that stops us from achieving our goals is ourselves. If we have the faith (and its the will of the Lord), we can do anything. However, not just any faith can bring about the miracle of achieving our goals. It needs to be faith founded firmly in the trust of Christ. Work like everything depends on you, and trust like everything depends on God.

Love you all and hope everything is going great. Have a great day! or not. The choice is always yours!

Elder Pomar

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