Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

It’s like hitting a brick wall (but the wall will eventually lose!)

Buena Buena Mis Amigos!

This week has been a little draining. Elder Astete and I have had to fight for our success. Our appointments have been falling through, investigators haven’t progressed, but its life. At some moments I felt like a zombie walking through the street haha! We have been getting discouraged because of our lack of results, and We´ve been praying real hard. In spite of all that, we have had some bright moments of the week!

We found this man named Mauro while tracting, and out of nowhere, we began teaching the restoration. He readily accepted everything we taught, (and was surprised how it was so similar to what he believes), and accepted the baptismal invitation! The planned day is the 22 of Feb, so please pray for him! He doesn’t have a phone, and its a little difficult to find him, so we just have to hope that everything goes well.

We went to do a follow up visit with a contact we had made, and out came this guy in  a mickey mouse like wizard robe, long hair, and drunk like a sailor. I had to really control myself to not burst out laughing! He just kept saying things that didn’t really make sense. It was highly entertaining and helped break the monotony. 

One of the biggest things I´ve noticed is the difference the Book of Mormon makes. I’ve made a goal to read the 4 gospels before next Saturday, (and I´m in John 18, so I should be good), and so I´ve been using almost all my study time for that. Today, I picked up the Book of Mormon and started reading in Alma, and I swear I felt this huge peace come over me. The Bible is so important to study, but we cannot stop reading the Book of Mormon. These past few weeks without it have really taught me that lesson

I know that all these trials are happening for a reason. God has a lot of blessings awaiting us here in Los Libertadores, but we have to work hard to pass the test. Life is difficult, but the wonderful thing about challenges is that they always pass. See you guys next week!


Elder Pomar

PS THANKS for the cookies and Portugues books!! I love them!!

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