Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile

Saturday, December 26, 2015

HEY HEY HEY!!! (Or is it HO HO HO?) Christmas is over, but the spirit of Christmas should be with us always!

So we´ve been working, and working, and working. I love my mission! Don´t get me wrong, its not always just roses here. People still reject us (in some very funny ways sometimes); I still get frustrated, and notice my weaknesses. I get tired, exhausted, but I choose to look on the bright side. That’s why I don’t tell you guys about all that stuff, cause it’s not worth the energy

So getting back to the awesome stuff, WE HAVE SOMEONE WHO´S GONNA GET BAPTIZED NEXT WEEK!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Her name´s Nicole and she is really excited for her baptism. Her family doesn’t want anything with the church, so we have to work hard, but I know it´ll all work out! She´s got to attend church with us tomorrow, so please pray a lot for her!!!! 

One of my duties as secretary is taking people to the airport (trunky, right?) But there is just one challenge. All the cars in Chile are stick shift. So guess what? I’m learning to drive stick on a big old ford truck that the mission office has! Woohoo! I get my international drivers license next week, so it’ll be fun rolling around Chile. Who would´ve thought that I would receive so many blessings? for coming on the mission, I learned to speak Spanish, speak Portuguese, drive stick, preach the gospel, see life as the way God wants us to see it,  and I get to be in constant contact with President Barreiros and the assistants. And to boot, God has given me AMAZING people to teach and baptize. Where’s the down side in that?

So for those who were wondering, I passed Christmas with all the office and president and Sister Barreiros in the mission home! it was so much fun! We sang Christmas songs, ate dinner. They prepared an exquisite desert. and they gave us as gifts a tie from president and Brazilian chocolate! They are such awesome people. I couldn’t have had a better Christmas in the mission!

I know that Christ lives. Because of his resurrection, we will all live again. How are you going to be when you are resurrected? will you be happy for the good you did, sad for your regrets? the time to prepare is now. Death is conquered, but its up to us to follow Christ in the way that we can get to the Kingdom of God. And the best part: HE HELPS US DO IT! We just have to let him.  Keep going forward and remember, Trunkiness never was Happiness ;)


Elder Pomar 

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