Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile

Saturday, December 19, 2015


Now, I’m gonna explain, just hold on. So we worked in Nueva san Martin for the last time on Tuesday, trying our best to find other people to come unto Christ. The day ended, I finished my packing, and Elder Ferreira was a little sad. I know he will be a great missionary. Now here’s the funny thing about our mission. They tell you you have transfers, but the don’t tell you where. We have a HUGE meeting with the entire mission, and in front of everyone they call you to your new sector. It’s pretty fun. So Elder Ferreira and I got to the meeting and I was getting pretty nervous. I had no idea where I would go. A couple guys had said that I would be companions with elder Allen again, but no one knew. Then in the meeting they called my name, and I was assigned to work AS A SECRETARY!  I’m here in the office now. But here’s the best part: IM WITH ELDER ALLEN AGAIN!!! Were not companions, but he is also working in the office and we see each other all day. We went on divisions yesterday, which was a blast!

My new companion is Elder Martins, from BRAZIL! Now I can keep practicing my Portuguese! That’ll make it 6 months of my mission with Brazilians haha! He´s a really cool guy. We´d known each other when I was in El Quisco, and now we are companions. We are in the ward Esquina Blanca. Brother Mackay, you remember the mission offices, right? To this day they are still in the church on Alberto Llona haha! The chapel is HUGE. Honestly one of the biggest ones I’ve seen in my whole life. 

So what do I do? Until 5pm, I’m in the office. Working on visas, updating telephones, and ton of other things. After the office, we head off to work until 9pm. The proselyting time is soooooo limited!!!! But God will help us! We are so gonna baptize this change!! I’m honestly sooo pumped! This is gonna be a great experience


Elder Pomar

PS from here on out, my pday is SATURDAY, not Tuesday, just so you all know :)

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