Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile

Monday, June 1, 2015

Here we go!!!! 

This week was full of work. We found a lot of less active members to teach and the investigators are slowly appearing. A lot of the time its as if God just puts them in our lap. He really has been showing his miracles to us.

My companion Elder Allen is just great! We have a lot of fun doing the work. He is very easy going, mild tempered, and very obedient. He has the vision and the desire to work. The more and more we talk, we find out that we have the same interests and desires. The time passes really quickly when you get along with your companion really well!

The greatest experience this week was with our investigator Nicolas. We had found him the week before, but he told us that he couldn’t meet with us till today. Well, Saturday we were walking by the street, minding our own business when out of nowhere we see Nicolas!!! We quickly greeted him and invited him to come to church, and he accepted! 

Then comes time to pick him up. We walked to his house and began to yell ALO! as they do here in Chile, and he didn’t come. We yelled a few more times, and we began to get scared. We called him up, and turns out he was sleeping. He came out to meet us, but agreed to come to church with us still. He sat in the front row with some members, and as a couple bore their testimony about their temple marriage, he began to cry. He was so incredibly impacted by them and all the other talks that he said.
I’m definitely coming back.

Were so excited!

Time ran out, but thanks for all your love and support! May God bless each one of you!

Elder Pomar 

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