Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hey Everyone!!

Wow, this has been one of the best weeks in my mission in a long time.  It really helps that Elder Allen and I are good friends. Here come the cool experiences:

The other day I felt like I should put a less active family as a plan B on our calendar for the day. We´d been looking for the Verdugo family for a while, since every time we had passed, they weren’t there or they didn’t answer. Turns out that our plan A fell through, and so we went to try our luck. Literally the sun, the moon and the stars lined up, because we found the mom and the daughter that day. They both have crazy schedules, and literally that day was the ONLY that we could have found them. Feeling a lot of pressure, knowing that this lesson was do or die, I began to testify of the savior, speaking as if He were speaking through me to these people. I felt such a Christ like love 
for them and I cried as I pleaded with them to come back of the Lord that he might take their burdens from them. It was a powerful experience. They committed to come the next Sunday they have free. I felt like a true minister of Christ in that lesson. 

We have one investigator, Scarlet, who is backed up to the wall of faith. Its do or die, and all the opposition is coming. Her sister is anti Mormon and keeps hounding her to go back to the evangelical church with her, and scarlet hasn’t been holding up the pressure too well. We´re fasting for her, and she is fasting with us to know if everything we have taught her is true. I know that she knows its true. She´s had way too many experiences to not. Ultimately, its her choice. Our last lesson will be tomorrow, so please pray that everything goes well!!!

I love this sector so much! I haven’t been this happy in a while. We´ve seen so many miracles and we´ve been blessed sooo much!! Even though I´ve been battling a cold for a few days, God has made everything possible. We´ve done nothing. He literally does everything. He prepares the people, he softens hearts, He gives us his spirit. I hope that I get to stay! Its the last week of the transfer, and they let us know on Saturday. 

Here’s the spiritual thought of the week!
whoso remembereth these sayings of mine and doeth them, him will I raise up at the last day (Christ in 3 Nephi 15:1) 
ek! It’s not enough to just remember. Just Do It!!!

Til next week guys! Love you all!!

Elder Pomar :)

for you guys.

Hey dad, can you send me a picture of me with lee mackay? All his old converts are in my stake right now!!

Can you ask the whole family to write up their conversion stories and send them to me? I would love to have them from everyone. I LOVED yours dad! It really touched me. Thanks for sharing!

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