Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Buena Buena Everyone!!

I can’t believe its P-day again. Well, here we go!

I had an awesome experience Monday. While we were walking to our sector to work, I felt the impression that we should go out of the way to visit a less active family.  We went to the house, and they weren’t there. As we were walking away, I felt the impression to go back, so we did, and then I felt that we should turn left and knock on the door of the neighbor. As we did, out came a less active that we hadn’t found the whole transfer because we couldn’t find here address!! The cool thing was analyzing the impressions afterward. Literally, it was a still small voice, with short impressions. "arenas estay" "go back" "left" "here". They were thoughts that were so so so easy to ignore, but because I listened the Lord blessed us big time.

We also recently found another family of less actives who had moved to the ward 6 years ago, but had no Idea where to find the chapel. We have two of the family members committed to baptism, and literally every time we go back, we find an new person to teach, whether family or friend. God blessed us with a gold mine!

It was a little hard this week because our bikes were down, and I lost the phone for a few days. I realized how blessed I was when i got them both back! We’ve been traveling a lot in buses since our sector is really far from the rest of my zone. But that’s alright. More time to read the Book of Mormon!

Speaking of which, I realized something the other day. We’ve been challenging people to read the book of Mormon in 6 months, 2 pages front and back daily. That means to read it in a year, you need to read ONE PAGE daily. I’m almost 19. If I had read ONE PAGE everyday from when I’ve started seminary at 14, I would have read the book of Mormon FIVE TIMES by now. Think about it. Reading the book of Mormon FOUR TIMES before the mission? The audio of the book of Mormon delays 5 MINUTES to read a chapter. There is no excuse. Commit yourself to find the five minutes of your day to read and read the book of Mormon every year!

Love you all!

Elder Pomar

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