Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile

Monday, November 10, 2014

Oh my gosh!!! This week was awesome!!!

First off, my companion and I talked to the mission president and we got permission to go to the temple on Thursday!! Poor Elder Lizarraga hadn't been in 16 months, and the only time he`d gone through was for his 1st time before the mission.  We woke up at 5:30 and took the subway to central Santiago, and got there early for the 9am session. That was honestly one of the most spiritual times I´ve had in the temple. Afterwards, I don t think I’ve ever seen Elder Lizarraga so excited haha!  He was so pumped after the session that I thought he was going to take on the world.  For him, the nearest temple in Argentina is 18 hours away. Yeah, we are soooo blessed in the states to have so many temples available to us.  So take advantage of it!!  Most of you live within 1 or 2 hours of a temple, so make the commitment to go there often, even if it`s just to walk the grounds.  When we make the temple a priority, everything will turn out a lot better, I promise!!

Elder Nelson and his wife came and talked to the Santiago west and south missions (And for those of you who are wondering, I did see Elder Harrison and Elder Allowas!!  When I first saw them my first reaction was "Kyle!" and "Jon!" but afterwards, I repented :P). Everyone formed this huge line and one by one we went up and shook Elder Nelson and his wife's hand. It was sooooooo awesome!!  Elder Nelson gave an amazing talk about how we are gathering Israel and how the work truly is rolling forth!  He is absolutely a man of God, I have no doubt. The spirit was just sooo incredibly strong!!  Then his wife got up to talk, and let me tell you, I was blown away!  She talked about our premortal selves.  She said that if we could see ourselves for just 5 seconds of how we were in the premortal existence, we would be able to overcome any trial with ease.  She told us that we made promises to our Heavenly Father of things that we would do when we came down here.  This premortal "list" is something that we have to rediscover for ourselves.  She said that if we are not completing the things that we promised to do, we cannot be happy.  Take a moment to think about that.  Who were you?  Who are you supposed to become?  These are things that I know will bless us as we seek to understand them.

Then we had one of the most successful days on the mission. I couldn`t believe it!  We found 5 new investigators within the space of 3 hours. We contacted 9 people. That ratio is unheard of in my sector.  Just to compare, we`ve found 3 new investigators this whole transfer up until that point, and now the Lord has blessed us so much.  The ward we have to work with needs a lot of work, and a lot of help, but I, the 3 other missionaries in the ward, and the Ward Mission Leader have a vision, and we`ll do everything in our power to make it come to pass.  It`s not easy by any means. fatigue, differences with your companion, a loss of focus, and a million other things try to bring to down, but you just have to press forward with steadfast faith in Christ, and all will work out.

Love you all and until next week!

Viva la Roja!

Elder Pomar 

I see your son often living just above us.  He is a happy young man and so cheerful.  Took this picture yesterday.  Thought you might enjoy.  Elder Bertagna

It has been a great day to hear Elder Nelson talk to us.  Tonight your son stopped by my apartment  and I took a picture.  They are having some good experiences.  Elder Bertagna

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