Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile

Monday, November 17, 2014

Hey hey hey! here we are again (buzz lightyear, for the last time!!!!!) haha!
Toy Story 2 quote. I´m sorry, I just had to :D

 I´m running out of time, so here´s the best story:

We´ve been working with a part member family for these past 10 weeks, trying to help the dad who was a former 7th day adventist understand why he needs to join the church. However, It´s wasn’t’ our words the at changed his heart. yesterday was the primary program and his daughters were invited to participate. As he watched them sing and say their parts, he said he felt something that he had never ever felt before. It was a feeling sooo strong that he could not describe it in words. we explained that this is what the spirit feels like, and asked him: would you like to feels this more often in your life? We explained the gift of the holy ghost, and transitioned on to temples. We told him about his family can be together forever, and then came in the boomhammer: His wife Cindy bore a testimony with a spiritual level of over 9000 of how she needs to go to the temple and feels that she cannot procrastinate in getting her family sealed. Let me tell you, we as missionaries can do a lot, but members can do sooo much more haha! We then invited him to baptism, which he doesn´t want to commit to just yet, because he wants to learn a lot more. But it doesn´t matter. He will get baptized, and his family will be sealed in the temple. I know it! I just hope I don’t have transfers before it happens!! 

For all of you out there, take the time to share your testimony with someone else. You do not comprehend the power YOU have! God bless you all, and til next week!!


Elder Pomar

This is a picture of Caleb & Elder Bertagna who has been a blessing to our family. He lives near Caleb in the apartment complex and he sends me pictures of Caleb and his companions every so often.  The pics make my day and warm my heart that someone I don't know, takes the time to share pics with me. I'm grateful that even though I can't hug Caleb right now, I can hug him through Elder Bertagna! 

These two guys came by my apartment and I had to take this picture.  Today they are at the building at a training meeting and will be served lunch.  Elder B

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