Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile

Monday, November 24, 2014

Hey Everyone!!

This has been one of the tougher weeks. A lot of walking, a lot of talking, and not too too much success. But you know what?  One of the stories I heard before my mission was of this companion that always said when things weren't working: "Isn´t it great that the Lord is testing us?"  That´s the attitude I´m trying to have.  One of the things that I´ve realized is that its the only attitude we can have. When we fall into the trap of "Why me?  Why isn´t this happening? Why why why...."  We need to think of just one thing: It is a form of pride that we need to correct.  By complaining about our circumstances, we are saying that we don´t deserve them, as if life isn´t respecting how good WE really are.  God knows exactly what he is doing and we just have to go through life being humble and sing to our selves: "All is well! All is well!"  We have a lot a head of us in this final week. Gabriel is soooooo close to joining!!!!  This is the last week before transfers, so now we've got to go and leave it all on the court. Catch you all later!


Elder Pomar

P.S.    Thank you soooo much for the letters and emails! I´m really sorry if I haven´t been able to respond. They really make my day! I´ll try as hard as I can to reply :)

My district leader fell asleep during lunch haha!! He was snoring for a good couple minutes before I took the picture. Missionary work is exhausting alright haha! ;)

yes I do have an ocarina of time haha!

We had a barbecue yesterday and I ate so much I thought I was going to explode. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

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