Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile

Monday, October 13, 2014

Time just seems to disappear, and its really hard for me to remember what we did yesterday, much less what's happened in the whole week! I went on splits with my zone leaders Elder Pyfer and Elder Sharapata (who happens to be from your friendly neighborhood Oakland haha!!). This is 3 times in 3 weeks I've done splits.  If there is one thing I've learned, missionary work is the same but there are so many ways and attitudes to go about accomplishing it. Ultimately, you´ve got to find your own path and learn from everyone! 

The other day we finally found a less active couple named Moises and Isabel. We were going to give up because we called them every day this transfer and passed by their house, but we could never find them. Turns out that both their phones were stolen and Moises is only home 1 day a week, so we were very happy we caught them. We gave a blessing to their little boy Gael. That was fun! Trying to anoint and bless a sickly one year old that keeps thrashing his head and screaming was difficult, but the next day he was completely fine!!! It worked! We´re going to work hard to get them back to church. 

Another miracle was with Vicente and Ninoska, 2 of our investigators. Vicente claims to be atheist but we got him to pray during an English lesson!! And he came to church yesterday! His mother Ninoska has a very hard time getting places since she´s bedridden with a paralytic sickness. It´s so heartbreaking. She needed a lot of encouragement this week and we gave her a powerful lesson on faith. The spirit was so strong and we committed her to come to church with the help of Vicente and she did it! 

But the best experience of all: I MET 2 OF MY AUNTS!!!! Technically, they are the nieces of my grandma, but still, they´re family!!! Aunt Juanita and Aunt Alejandra. They live in Independencia an hour to the north. We talked for 2 hours and we set Nov 2nd as the day when I will get to meet all my cousins and relatives!!!  I was seriously on cloud 9!  Being here in Chile is like a dream. I pinch myself sometimes to remind me that I´m really finally here! 

My companion and I have been reading the Book of Mormon like crazy, trying to finish the whole thing in 10 days before transfers. It´s been such a blessing. I can feel of the spirit of this Book even more! I´m so glad to be here! Like everything there are good and bad days, but its so worth it. I know this is the work of the Lord and that he leads this church. Because it has blessed me so much I need to share it!  That´s why I´m here. Love you all, and God bless you!!

From Heaven, 

Elder Pomar

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