Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It's transfer day!

Yep, you heard!

Except I´m not going anywhere. Nor my companion, nor the other two missionaries in my ward, so we´re set!! However, my district leader did get transferred. :,( The guy was a just a stud. A Colombian named Elder Dussan. Now he´s a zone leader out in the countryside, so good for him! 

We had some really awesome experiences this week. First, one of our investigator´s family all came down with the cold, so they asked us to give them all priesthood blessings. I got to bless the father, Gabriel (the investigator who just happens to be from Pasadena!) and the mother Cindy, who is less active. Let me tell you, the spirit was soooo strong when I gave her a blessing. Every word I dictated was totally guided by the spirit and it was a powerful experience for the whole family. We´re aiming to invite Gabriel to baptism this week, so keep him in your prayers!

We also had the opportunity to teach a man named Pablo, a gatekeeper at the apartment buildings where the other missionaries live. I´ve never met a man so honestly seeking the truth. He knows the bible front and back and is convinced that the only church he will join is one exactly like the one Christ established in his days. He really is incredible. He has so many questions and we can't wait to teach him again!!

The Zone meeting we had this week was amazing as well! The zone leaders brought in one of the most stalwart return missionaries I've ever seen in my entire life. His name is Gregorio Rojas, and he served in the Chile Osorno mission a while back. Man, he just has this fire burning within him! The spirit feels like it's smacking us in the face when he tells all his stories and principles he learned from the mission. Whenever he talks you just feel so empowered! He really sets the bar high for us missionaries!

Which brings me to my next good news. GREGORIO´s NOW THE WARD MISSION LEADER!!! I´m telling you, I can´t even begin to tell you how blessed we are to have him. We met with him yesterday to start the process and his vision for the work is just fantastic. This transfer we have a lot of expectations. Now we just got to put our shoulder to the wheel, right?

Now this was the miracle of the week: One day we had visited a few families and I had left my Book of Mormon in one of their houses. I was going to leave it and pick it up the next day but Elder Lizarraga felt like we should go look for it at a certain less active´s house, but it wasn´t there. Then he felt like we should go to an investigators house nearby and as we were in front of the house, we said hi to a Haitian across the street. He proceeded to cross the street, talk with us about religion, asked for our number and told us he wanted us to stop by his house another time. Yeah. Miracles absolutely happen out here. His name is Lionel and it honestly was such a tender mercy. He´s one of the only new investigators that we´ve found this transfer, so we are so stoked to teach him! 

The Lord is teaching me a lot of lessons. How to be patient with other people. How to love other people. How to humble myself before him and realize again and again that without him, I´m nothing

" Yea, I know that I am nothing; as to my strength I am weak; therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for in his strength I can do all things; yea, behold, many mighty miracles we have wrought in this land, for which we will praise his name forever" (Alma 26:12)

You have to focus on changing yourself first before you can help anyone else.... whether it be the ward, the investigators or even your own companion, it begins and ends with you. Attitude determines your altitude, like you always said Mom! Please keep my investigators and me in your prayers so I can receive all I need to be the missionary God expects me to be. I love and miss you all and I know Chile is where I´m supposed to be right now. Catch you in another week!

Abrazos y Besos, (hugs & kisses)

Elder Pomar

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