Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

YEAH!!! I’m really sad because they transferred me from El Quisco :( 
The 3 months I spent there flew by!! I’m so glad I got to be there, even for such a short time. God showed me many miracles, and I’m looking forward to the future ones!

Me and my companion Elder Allen from Arizona are doing a whitewash in the stake Olimpo (Shout out to Brother Lee Mackay! If your converts are in my sector I’m definitely gonna pass by), and We´re super pumped! 

I brought my camera case to the Cyber, but turns out that my camera wasn’t in there!! Whooooo hoooo! Ill be sending photos for sure next week. 

My forearm´s dead from carrying all the suitcases, so sorry if I don’t write a lot. I think a wild caterpie used string shot on me, because my speed has been reduced haha! 

Okay, so it was temple Thursday and Temple Friday this week!! We went on Thursday to do baptisms with three of the new converts, and I was baptized on behalf of my great uncle. It was such a beautiful experience. Everyone was just beaming, and Sandy told us afterwards, "I can’t wait to go back!!" On Friday I went and did an Endowment session with the other missionaries in my zone, and I loved it. It had been over 6 months since I´d gone to the temple, and I miss it so much! There is a feeling of peace that is just incredible. It’s literally out of this world. After stepping back into the real world again, you really appreciate the special that the sacred building is. Take advantage that temples are so close in the states and go often!

As we were going back from the temple on Friday, I went to another sector with my companion so that he could do a baptismal interview for a man that I had taught in splits one day. His name is Victor. I had cost a lot to get him to this point, and he was really really excited to get baptized. On arrival, he lets us and the sister missionaries that taught him in and tells us "I need to tell you something." Instantly we all begin groaning on the inside and he proceeded to tell us of how his friend ridiculed him for changing religion and he started giving excuses of how he wasn’t ready to be baptized just yet. The atmosphere got really tense as we had four missionaries testifying to him, and he began to bible bash us since he is extremely, extremely fluent in the scriptures. We kept telling him that he needed to pray and ask God if what we had taught his was true, and not rely on his knowledge or the opinion of others. Then in a moment of inspiration, I commanded him to kneel down and pray. and he did. Afterwards, the whole environment calmed down, and there was peace. He went into his interview, passed, and was baptized yesterday. You should have seen the look on his face! God really does fight our battles here in the mission. We´re just humble servants. I’m so glad to be able to serve him here :)

Till next week!


Elder Pomar :)

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