Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Buena Buena everyone!

If any of you were wondering, the title doesn’t have anything to do with the email (I’m sorry Mary Poppins fans!), although I did have the opportunity of SAVING elder BANKS  in my ward the trouble of translating a few things haha!

Wow. This week was such a blur. Its such an awkward moment when you sit down at the computer to write and you cant remember anything you´ve done!  Fortunately, I do remember a few things! 

This week was one of those grinding ones.  It was interesting because every day we walked all over the place trying to find new people to teach, but we didn't find anyone until the end of the day, and then it made it all worth it! 

Yesterday was a prime example.  As we were heading home, we had 30 minutes until we had to get back to the apartment.  We decided to go visit a less active family that had been less than receptive the last time we past. To our surprise, she let us pass!  This week during my personal study, one of the things that made the biggest impact on me was the concept of listening.  A lot of times we as missionaries just talk talk talk talk and forget to listen to what the other people really have to say.  I´m sure glad I did, because as we did, she told us what had happened to her. And because we didn´t shove a scripture down her throat, she kept talking until she came the conclusion that she needs to get back into the church and lead her family back again!!!! It was honestly a miracle.  When we showed love, it did more than any arguing or debating ever could've done. 

For those of you who want to make a difference, think of the people who have stopped going to church for one reason or another. Go and have a conversation with them.  Listen to their hopes and fears. Help them feel the pure love of Christ and miracles will happen.  The Lord never forgets his sheep and neither should we!

Catch you guys next week! 

Elder Pomar

P.S. Here´s a funny note. Here in Chile, the G´s here are called flites (Flight-heys). I just learned the other day how they got their name. When Santiago began to have all these brothers show up, a particular shoe was released: the Jordan Flight. All the bros wanted them, and since basically every wannabe gangster bought them, them were called after the shoe. FLIGHTes! They speak really funny!

PPS Hey Trent and dad, you guys remember the song "Atmosphere"? My Trainers trainers brother WROTE the song, and he almost won a grammy! can you believe it! Elder Pyfer is my "grandpa" of the mission and was my zone leader for 2 transfers! Its such a small world

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