Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile

Monday, September 15, 2014

What´s up everyone!

My first week in the field is almost over! Isn´t that crazy? These past few days have been slow, but good. I was assigned to the Los Libertadores Ward, Los Cerrillos Stake in Maipu (a subsection of Santiago). It´s a lot different that thousand oaks. It has its own little style to it that I love. There are so many elaborate graffiti murals. They basically cover every wall. The houses are so small compared to the states. Most houses are barely bigger than an apartment. And the stray dogs, my goodness! They´re EVERYWHERE. Anywhere I go, there is always some form of furry companion trotting the street. Speaking of which, my companion is from Argentina! Haha! Elder Lizarraga is actually from the Salta mission, so when he goes home in 8 months he´ll bring a package to Elder Morgan for me haha! The guy is just great. It’s a little hard having a native companion, but Its great practice. He speaks decent English as well, and he´s trying hard to improve. He LOVES mate. Absolutely obsessed with it haha! He makes me drink it every morning. Lets just say, I have a while before I´ll get used to it. Just like every one told me, Chilean Spanish is just use big continous stream of slang. They do add "po" on to everything (my companions favorite being "bienpo." He says it almost every other word). Even my district leader does it! The word of the year here in the west mission is "bacan", which means great. Everything is super-bacan here! When I showed up, they divided the Los Libertadores wards into 2 sectors, so now we have 4 missionaries in the ward. Unfortunately, all of Elder Lizarraga´s investigators are on the other side. Finding people to teach has been hard, especially since we still need to organize everything. Finding people is going to be the mission for next week. We have 1 family that we´re teaching right now. The mom, Ninoska is bedridden, and can’t do much of anything. She´s also the only religious person in her house. The husband Vicente is agnostic, and the son Vicente is atheist. I challenged Ninoska to baptism, but she said she wants to learn a little bit more. Apparently, she had some bad experience with a member in the past, but we promised her that if she really prayed to know, and was willing to act on the answer that she received, God will answer her. She promised she would, so keep her in your prayers! One of the other few people we teach is a little elderly couple who was baptized 4 months ago. They are so adorable! Santiago and Luisa are just about some of the sweetest people I´ve ever met. I always smile when I´m around them. Santiago is a riot, because he´s hard of hearing and has intriguing commentaries! We shared the story in the Book of Mormon about how Limhi´s people escaped from captivity by following the advice of Gideon and giving the Lamanite guards wine and sneaking out the back door while they were drunk and asleep. Santiago just loved it! He kept going on and on and on about how wise Gideon was, and when he offered the closing prayer, he recounted the ENTIRE STORY! Oh these are going to be two fun years! Love you all and catch you later! 

Viva la Roja!

- Elder Pomar

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